Environment quiz

Packet of chips in fish's stomach

Par Imanol DENARIAZ, publié le lundi 17 février 2020 13:22 - Mis à jour le lundi 9 mars 2020 13:24

Situation : Pollutions of the oceans are becoming more and more present in our world. Lot's of people put their wastes in oceans and don't thinking of the consequences. That's why we can find miscellaneous wastes like shoes, sneakers but in majority plastic wastes.

Consequences : This form of pollution provokes differents consequences like : *killed or maimed animals. Indeed, turtles eat plastic bags thinking they’re jellyfish, consequently it is killing the biodiversity of marine animals.

                             * A 7th continent has appeared.

                             * Several species left natural habitats to escape to the wastes.

How to react : Stopping the slaugther of the marine biodiversity, throwing plastic wastes. To do this, there’re two main ways. First, using bins and stop the reject of plastic waste. Second reducing the wastes product by industries.

Conclusion : The marine biodiversity is killing by humans who use the oceans like a very very big bins. As a consequence, scientists predict fishless in the ocean in 2048.


By Jean Baconin, Imanol Denariaz, Pierre Grezel and Nicolas Boschung